Wings over Oregon 8

Monday, November 17, 1997, Led by Bill

Photos by Bill Walker

30 Species at Sacramento NWR, CA

Trip Map

Trip Notes

I left Klamath Falls shrouded in fog, and stayed in fog until just across the California border when I burst into the clear just in time for a spectacular view of Mt. Shasta. After getting down into the Central Valley, I indulged in two detours. The first was to the Coleman National Fish Hatchery, which wasn't too exciting in its own right, but had some excellent birding along the way, including a huge clump of Turkey Vultures and some nice woodpeckers. The second detour was the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, which turned out to be an excellent place to see all the geese I didn't see up in Oregon. There were thousands of geese and ducks to see from the Auto Tour route, and two very large flocks of shorebirds that wheeled around in unison and landed each time right underneath the setting sun. They were probably Dowitchers, but I couldn't tell.

Overall, I saw around 100 species of birds, including 67 in the Malheur refuge. Of these, 24 were species I had never seen before. I hope to see all of them again, and to recognize them when I do. What a trip!