Wings over Oregon 7

Sunday, November 16, 1997, Led by Bill and Steve

Photos by Bill Walker

Trip Map

Trip Notes

Our last day on the refuge started with coffe with Terry, followed by more pancakes -- this time with blueberries. We drove north on the Central Patrol Road, and I thought I saw an owl in a large tree right near the road. Just as Steve was stopping the truck we flushed an adult Bald Eagle and watched it fly off. Astounding. From the closed refuge headquarters Steve saw a white pelican amongst the far-off swans. A Stellar's Jay, dubbed the accidental resident, was still at HQ, despite not being on the official refuge bird list. I got a good long look at a Prairie Falcon while Steve was mapping out Burns's sewage ponds for a book entitled "Birding the Sewage Ponds of Oregon." I'm not making this up!

After lunch we headed for home, and I left from Steve's house for Klamath Falls at 7:00pm. There was some excitement caused by snow on the road, but I arrived here safely. I hope to leave early tomorrow and hit the Sacramento refuge before heading home.

Malheur Refuge total, 66 species. Trip total so far, 80 species.