Wings over Oregon 4

Thursday, November 13, 1997, Led by Bill and Steve

Photos by Bill Walker

Trip Map

Trip Notes

We had an early morning trip to the Haystack reservoir north of Bend. Steve Shunk and I were accompanied by Steven Holt, wildlife photographer and his dog Coot. Mr. Holt and Coot car camp from a Geo Metro that has seen better days. Holt is a charming birder, knowledgeable but not overpowering. He worked at a natural history museum in Philly, curating a collection of bird photographs. I am tempted to order one of his enlargements, perhaps one of his black oystercatcher shots. Along the way to the reservoir we stopped at a river crossing, where we saw the owl sitting quietly in a tree near the river. The reservoir was very foggy and cold. Steve peered at ducks through the scope at maximum magnification, I looked through it and saw only grey. We saw some excellent raptors on power poles along the highway. We saw a dead cow lying on its side in a field, with legs and udders firmly outstretched. We saw ravens feeding on a dead deer.

On the way home, The Tick rolled over 100,000 miles. And still going strong. Particularly with over 1/2 a gallon of new anti-freeze in its system. Spoon!

In the afternoon, I bought wool socks and pens. In the evening I did my crossword puzzle while attending Steve's Community Feedback Forum.