Wings over Oregon 2

Tuesday, November 11, 1997, Led by Bill

Photos by Bill Walker

Trip Map

Trip Notes

Departing from Weed, CA on I95, I had lovely views of the scenery on my way up to Butte Valley. At BV I did another driving tour, listening to the distant sounds of honking swans from across the lake. There were few other sounds, it was so quiet. On the other side of the road the buffleheads spooked easily, fluttering further down a narrow channel. On my way out of the area I drove within a few yards of a large raptor perched on the side of the road. It might have been an immature eagle of some kind, but I didn't think the beak was big enough. I'm hoping to learn more about raptors on this trip.

I then pretty much drove straght to Sisters, stopping at the occassional gas station on I97, which is definitely a logger's highway, not a birder's highway. Steve and I ran some errands, had dinner, and sat at his apartment until late looking at his latest photographic endeavors. I'm staying at the lovely home of Dottie Yurgel, who volunteers at the chamber of commerce. She pointed out that The Tick probably doesn't have any anti-freeze and made space in her garage so the radiator might not freeze solid overnight. Winter, Bill, they have Winter here. Duh. We bought some anti-freeze, I hope I'll get to put it in the car tomorrow.

Tomorrow's plan: Visit Bend's sewage treatment pond, then drive the McKenzie pass scenic tour in the afternoon.