Bird photos and Field Notes by Bill Walker and Mary Wisnewski
Bird of the Week: Rufous-crowned Sparrow

Welcome to birdWalker, a website of birding photos and trip reports by Bill Walker and Mary Wisnewski, California birders based in Santa Clara County. We've been collecting our trip reports since 1996, we have now recorded 827 trips and 747 species.

Some of our favorite places to go birding include Charleston Slough and the Duck Pond in Palo Alto, Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

Costa Rica 2012 Book

My book of photos from Costa Rica is available now at my Blurb bookstore. This book presents an overview of an intensive birding trip to Costa Rica. The 100+ photos are a great introduction to Costa Rica's birds and ecological zones, showcasing shorebirds on the western coast, the quetzals of the Talamanca Higlands, tropical diversity at La Selva, and a sampler of hummingbirds in the Central Volcanic mountain range.

This year so far

So far in day 107 of 2014 we have seen 154 species. Last year at this time we had seen 256.

Recent Trip Reports
144 species
17 locations, California
69 species
7 locations, California
64 species
5 locations, California
11 species
Punta Espinoza, Ecuador
6 species
Punta Albemarle, Ecuador
4 species
Punta Mejia, Ecuador
18 species
Darwin Bay, Ecuador
16 species
Las Bachas, Ecuador